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Crossing off the to-do List

Little Haiti Health Fair

Dean Goldschmidt at the Little Haiti Health Fair, Nov. 2012

White Coat

Life Uniform: 1140 NW 16th St Miami FL 33136
Located in the Park Plaza West Garage near Au Bon Pain and Latin Express

It is important to purchase your clinical white coat here because they will not allow you to purchase the traditional “UHealth” logo.


Approximately $50 for coat + labeling fee
Turnaround time: 2 weeks
This coat will NOT be your anatomy lab coat. Also, while we recommend using Life Uniform for your Clinical White Coat, you can buy your anatomy lab coat and your scrubs wherever you find them for the best value. They are going to smell… interesting after anatomy and you may never use them again, so spend your money wisely!

Ladies: Look for the long white coat with the nice tailoring in the back. They are much more flattering!


Purchase your white coat at the beginning of the school year. You will start wearing your clinical attire a month after your semester starts, and the turnaround may be longer if there are many orders.

Medical ID Badge

The first week of Medical School, you will get your Medical ID Badge which has your access card to the Rosenstiel Building, the parking garage if you choose to purchase that, and gives you access to the hospitals. Additionally, the back of the ID has your “C number” which is used for printing at the undergrad campus as well as on every exam you take! If you happen to need your C# sometime in the day or two it takes to get your badge (don’t worry, no one has their badge yet the first day!), you can log on to myum (www.myum.miami.edu) and click on the link to see your C#.


Having all of your non-medical school priorities, i.e. utilities and banking accounts, squared away before day 1 is one of the best things you can do to ensure success.