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On / Near Campus Living

Miller School of Medicine Campus area

The UM Medical Campus is located in an urban area of downtown Miami. Doctors, nurses, and students of all disciplines live both on and near campus in order to reduce the stress/time involved in commuting. Because of the urban location street smarts are required.

Pros Cons
No commute to school (aka roll out of bed in the morning) Living in the same place as school
Cost: Less expensive Not the safest neighborhood
Easy access to metro and interstates Not a “neighborhood” (few restaurants, bars, etc. nearby)

Living / Cost

  • Apartments/houses are $650-950/mo
  • 24 hour security on campus
  • On campus: Jackson Towers, Dominion Towers
  • Near campus: most popular apartment building: Seybold Pointe.


  • Do not need a car, but it will make your life easier
  • Parking pass included in cost of living
  • Very close to the Civic Center MetroRail station
  • Less than a 5 min walk

What’s Nearby

  • School/Hospitals
  • Winn Dixie
  • Medical Wellness Center
  • Calder Library

Popular On / Near Campus Housing

  • Dominion Tower
  • Seybold Pointe