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Student Room

Deciding to live at home is an economical option that many medical students choose. While the perks include lunches packed with motherly love, effortless/free laundry, and not having to move everything you own half way across town, we all know that parents can be difficult to live with, so make sure you follow our advice below.

Pros Cons
Cost Potentially more distractions
Home cooked meals Loss of independence
No need to grocery shop and do laundry Potencially a longer communte
Family support  

Living / Cost

  • Minimal to FREE


  • Car to get to/from school
  • Metro ( if you live near one)
  • Bike/Walk (if you live near by)
  • Average Length of Commute 25-35 minutes (one way)

What’s Nearby

You would know better than we would, but presumably everything

Random Facts

Most students said that saving money was the biggest deciding factor in living at home.

Student Advice

Set boundaries in the beginning. This will make sure you can get your work done, have some independence and spend time with your family without having to endure potential conflict down the road.