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Finding a Place to Live

Miami Map

Here you will find just about everything you need to know about setting up your new life in Miami.

With plenty of options available, everyone is sure to find a place that best suites them. And yes, there are even benefits to living at home.

Brickell Living

Brickell is located right in the financial district of Miami. With its high rises and towering bank buildings, Brickell has an affluent, urban feel. Its streets are constantly lit, and residents will attest that Brickell is a safe area. Although some apartments can be pricey, there are inexpensive gems located in this area perfectly fit for the young professional.

South Beach Living

South Miami Beach is a barrier island known for its Art Deco Historic District. It offers a young and hip area with both a neighborhood and a touristy feel.
South Beach is great for people watching, shopping, eating, and obviously, hitting the beach.

Downtown Living

Downtown is the urban epicenter of Miami. With its countless high rises, Bayfront Park, and the American Airlines Arena, downtown will provide you with plenty of fun and entertainment.

Coconut Grove Living

Coconut Grove lies between the undergraduate campus and the medical school. It has a lot of history as a city of Miami-Dade while maintaining a modern vibe in the Cocowalk area.

For those without a car, houses and apartments can be found within walking distance of Cocowalk. There’s even a continuously running shuttle to the Metrorail.

Coral Gables Living

Coral Gables, home to the undergrad campus of the University of Miami, offers a slightly less “big city” atmosphere than Downtown or Brickell. Between numerous restaurants, shopping hotspots, and access to undergraduate facilities such as the Wellness Center, you will have no trouble finding adequate entertainment. Although the commute to school may be a little longer, housing options are more traditional.

On / Near Campus Living

The UM Medical Campus is located in an urban area of downtown Miami. Doctors, nurses, and students of all disciplines live both on and near campus in order to reduce the stress/time involved in commuting. Because of the urban location street smarts are required.


Deciding to live at home is an economical option that many medical students choose. While the perks include lunches packed with motherly love, effortless/free laundry, and not having to move everything you own half way across town, we all know that parents can be difficult to live with, so make sure you follow our advice below.