Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Medical School Education & Admissions

Secondary Application Questions

Is your Secondary Application on-line?

Yes, it is a web based program developed and operated by the Miller School of Medicine Information Technology group.

How much is the application fee?

It is $90. The application fee is non-refundable and is charged to all applicants who complete a secondary application.

Do all applicants get to complete a secondary application?

UM Miller wiill send Secondary Applications to nearly every applicant who has applied to the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to not send a Secondary Application to applicants who have an extremely low GPA or MCAT score, or have an unacceptable criminal or institution actions. The University of Miami values diversity and accomplishments applicants have had prior to medical school. For this reason, we do not eliminate applicants solely on failing to have a specific academic metric. If an applicant has low academic metrics, the entire AMCAS application will be reviewed to determine if a Secondary Application will be sent.

My cumulative GPA is only 3.0. Is there still a chance I can get a secondary application from the Miller School of Medicine?

Yes, if you have subsequently completed a post-bac or graduate work (at least 15 credits of either must appear on your AMCAS application) and have a GPA of at least 3.5. Post-bac and graduate work is not considered when sending secondary applications to non-Floridians.

Will I be informed if anything is missing from my file?

Not unless you call the Office of Admissions (305-243-3234). We do status checks Monday-Thursday between 2-5PM. Call us during those hours and we will tell you what you need to send us to make your file complete. Most applicants forget that a recent passport sized photograph is required. Next year you will be able to check on-line for any items missing from your file.

Is there a deadline for submitting my secondary application?

We ask that you submit your secondary within two weeks after you are invited to complete the application. But clearly understand that we will not process secondary applications that are received after January 15.

Are all applicants interviewed if they complete the secondary application and submit the necessary supporting documents?

No. But only those who complete the application are considered for an interview. Getting invited for an interview is a competitive process in which the admissions committee ranks the strength of each completed application and invites those applicants with the highest rank.