Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Medical School Education & Admissions

Interview Questions

Who will interview me and what is the interview format?

At UMMSM applicants are interviewed exclusively by members of the admissions committee. At the present time, applicants are interviewed by one committee member and the interview lasts for approximately one hour. The interview is open-file and the format is relaxed and is meant to be a forum for information exchange.

What kind of things are they trying to assess in an interview?

Basically, they are trying to assess all of those things that are almost impossible to put down on paper?Interpersonal skill level, maturity, depth of motivation, soundness of decision, experiences, and the like. In general, they are trying to find out what kind of person you are and how motivated you are to study medicine.

So how do I prepare for a medical school interview?

Some sources will tell you that you can not prepare and that you should just be yourself. There are some common sense things you can do, however, to make a better presentation. First, do your homework about the school you are visiting. You can make points with your interviewer if you know something about the school. Second, there are a lot of books in the library on interviews. Check one out and read it. Third, some students find that mock interviews are helpful. Sometimes, however, mock interviews are far tougher than the real thing. Finally, there are many web sites for medical school applicants that are full of information about interviews, including sample questions you might be asked at a particular school. One of these sites is www.studentdoctor.net. The bad thing about all these sites is that, since the entries are anonymous, anyone can write anything about a school or the interview day. So take everything you read at these sites with a proverbial grain of salt!