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Curriculum and GPA Questions

Can I take all of my premed courses at a junior college near my home?

Most admissions committees feel that there are differences between junior college courses and senior college courses. Whether this view is justified or not, you should contact medical schools in which you are interested to see how they view coursework taken at the junior college level. The Miller School of Medicine will accept junior college courses but much prefers that the premed courses be taken at the senior college level. Perhaps a more important question to ask yourself is how these courses are going to prepare you to take the MCAT and to survive in medical school.

I did all of my undergraduate work in a foreign country. Will you accept those credits?

No. The only credits earned at foreign institutions that we accept are those earned while the applicant was studying abroad under the auspices of an accredited college or University located in North America. In that case, the credits earned abroad must be recognized by your home university and appear on your transcript.

I have been out of school for some time and some of my premed courses such as chemistry were taken 10 years ago. Will you accept those credits?

Yes, we will accept them but this is something that any admissions committee is going to look at very carefully when making a decision. Better questions to ask yourself are: 1) will those 10-year old courses give the necessary foundation in the sciences that I will need in medical school, and 2) am I going to be prepared to take the MCAT with knowledge that is 10 years old.

My freshman GPA was low because I had a sub-human roommate. After that, my GPA steadily improved. Does the Committee look at trends in GPAs?

Of course they do. Everybody understands that unpleasant roommates, adjustment to college, girl-friend/boy-friend problems, problems at home and a myriad of other things can lead to a disastrous academic performance. Hopefully, it is a temporary problem. Be prepared to discuss any poor academic performance in your personal statement or in an interview.