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AMCAS Application Questions

When is the deadline for applying through AMCAS to UMMSM?

The deadline for submitting your AMCAS application to AMCAS in Washington, DC, is December 1.

Can I get a deadline extension?

No. Deadline extensions are not granted for any reason.

Should I send a printed copy of my AMCAS application directly to the Office of Admissions to speed up the process?

No. We will begin the application process and make decisions only on electronically-transmitted, verified files sent to us from AMCAS. So the best thing you can do is to stay in touch with AMCAS and make sure your file is verified in a timely fashion. Most delays are caused by schools not sending your transcripts to AMCAS so be sure to check with the registrar at your school to make sure your transcripts have been sent.

My address and phone number have changed since I submitted by AMCAS application. Should I send the new information directly to the Office of Admissions?

No. we will accept changes to your application only when they are transmitted to us by AMCAS. Therefore, you must make all changes in contact information through AMCAS. AMCAS will then relay the changes to all the schools to which you applied. You also should inform AMCAS when you change email accounts. This is extremely important because more and more schools are relying on email almost exclusively to communicate with applicants.