Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Medical School Education & Admissions

Medical Scholars Program

HPM & MSP 2013

Hilit Mechaber, MD and the Medical Scholars and Honors Program Grads, May 2013

The Medical Scholars Program is a 7-8 year BS/MD program. Admission to the MSP program assures students of a place in the freshman class of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine after completing their third year of undergraduate study, provided they meet the program requirements. MSP students must complete all course requirements for entering medical school and all distribution requirements for graduation. A minimum of 90 semester hours must be accumulated and in no case can the program be shortened to less than three calendar years. It can, however, be extended to four years if the student is in good standing and can present a comprehensive plan for academic and personal enrichment during the additional year. Students usually qualify for the BS degree before starting medical school or at the end of the first year of their medical studies.