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Program Requirements MD/MPH

Palm Beach Medical Society Research Symposium

Students enrolled in the MD/MPH program must complete all requirements for both degrees in order to receive either degree. This means that students must complete the MPH degree in order to receive the MD degree, and vice versa. Even if a student has successfully completed all requirements for the MD degree and have obtained a residency program, they will not be awarded the MD degree until the MPH degree is also awarded. We will provide all students with faculty mentors and advisors to assist in meeting all requirements and obligations for both degrees in a timely manner.

Students may not withdraw or transfer from the MD/MPH program and continue in the regular MD program. If a student withdraws from the program they will be dismissed from medical school. Such a student may reapply to the UMMSM regular MD program and request advanced standing based on successfully completed MD course work. Decisions for readmission will be made by the medical education administration on an individual case basis with consideration given to the reasons for withdrawal/dismissal.

Students may also not transfer into or apply to participate in another dual-degree program such as the MD/MBA or MD/JD.

Because the MD/MPH program is a 4-year dual-degree program, students interested in applying for a year off from the program, must obtain prior approval from the medical education administration. Approval will only be granted on a case-by-case basis for projects emphasizing public health.

For clinical rotations at the Regional Medical Campus, students are required to have a car to travel to multiple clinical sites. Please Click the map above for the location of our clinical sites.

Students in the MD/MPH program must complete the core and required clinical clerkships at our regional medical campus in Palm Beach County. Electives (14 weeks) may be completed at the Miami campus or other accredited medical schools.

Housing: Students are required to obtain their own housing accessible to the main medical campus in Miami for years one and two and the Regional Medical Campus sites in years three. For the fourth year, students independently must secure housing with access to their clinical sites of choice, either entirely at the Regional Medical Campus or split between both the Miami and Regional Medical campuses.