Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Medical School Education & Admissions

Application Process MD/MPH

Emma Crichton, Honduras 2013

MD-MPH Summer Mission to Honduras, 2013

Applications are made through the AMCAS system. After indicating your intention to apply to the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in AMCAS, we will send you a secondary application. The Secondary/Supplemental Application will provide you with the option to apply to the MD/MPH program, or both the MD and the MD/MPH Program. Selecting either of these choices will provide you with specific questions to answer about your interest and experience in public health. If you select to apply to both the MD and the MD/MPH, decisions regarding admission to each program are made independently and in no way is your status in one program affected by your status in the other program.

The criteria for eligibility and academic prerequisites for the MD/MPH program are the same as those for the regular MD program.

If an applicant holds acceptances in both the regular MD program and the MD/MPH program, one of these seats must be relinquished by February 15th.

The first block of MPH courses begin in the last week of June requiring that students accept a position in the MD/MPH program by May 15th and drop all other acceptances at other medical schools.