Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Medical School Education & Admissions

Proposed Schedule

This proposal is based on several assumptions:

  • Students will begin in the MD program;
  • The program will be promoted to MD students in their first year of Medical School;
  • Students will apply to Law School no later than January 1st of their second year of Medical School;
  • Students must take the USMLE Step 1 exams between May and June of their second year of medical school;
  • Students will complete the third year clinical psychiatry clerkship before enrolling in the law school in August of year 3;
  • Students will be required to complete 77 credits of coursework (including law clinics, practicum, externships, and/or intersession courses) in the Law School with 11 credits being applied from coursework in the M.D. program.

  Fall Spring Summer (after yr) Other Law Credits Notes
Year-1 MD courses MD courses Preferred time to take the LSAT      
Year-2 MD courses, Apply to Law School. LSAT to be taken no later than Dec. test date. MD courses, May-June is slotted for USMLE Step 1 exam 6 wks psychiatry (6/21-8/1)      
Year-3 Law courses.
16 credits
Law courses.
16 credits
5-6 credits (5/23-7/29) 2 wks vac (7/30-8/15) 37-38  
Year-4 Law courses. 16-17 credits Law courses. 16-17 credits 5-6 credits (5/23-7/29)   39-40 Total for Years 3 and 4:
77 credits
Year-5 MD courses to begin in August (6 weeks into MD school year) MD courses       11 credits from the MD pgm. in years 5 and 6 will count toward the JD degree credits.
Year-6 MD courses MD courses        

Students complete the first two years of medical school curriculum, sit for USMLE Step 1 examination, and begin the third year MD curriculum (Transition to the Clerkships one-week course and the six-week Psychiatry clerkship, and then have a two-week vacation before beginning law studies in August of year three.

After completing the first year law curriculum, students take 5-6 law credits during summer session; they then have 2 weeks of vacation before starting their second year of law studies.

Students will take 16-17 credits each semester during their second year of law school. After completing second year law curriculum students will take 5-6 law credits during summer session following their second year. At the end of their second summer of Law School, each student must have completed a total of 77 JD credits at the Law School.