Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Medical School Education & Admissions

MD/JD Program

Gavel and Stethoscope.

The University of Miami School of Law in partnership with the University’s Miller School of Medicine propose to offer a joint MD/JD degree program. The law curriculum prepares medical students for careers in health sector law, leadership and policy. It also prepares future physicians for legal aspects of running a private medical practice or heading a group practice.
This joint program allows students to obtain both MD and JD degrees in six years.

The first two years are spent in the MD program. Years three and four are focused on the JD degree and the final two years are spent completing the MD degree and the final JD credits.

In the third year, students will complete the standard first year JD curriculum at the School of Law for a total of 32 credits. During the fourth year, it is expected that students will complete a total of 33 credits. There are an additional 12 credits of coursework to be completed in the School of Law which will take the form of summer courses and/or intersession courses. The total number of credits to be completed through coursework at the Law School for the JD degree is 77. The remaining 11 of the 88 required JD credits will be transferred from the Medical School course work and will be double-counted toward both degrees. These credits may include co-listed courses, such as the Idea of a Hospital, an interdisciplinary course co-listed in both the Law School and Medical School (as well as other UM Schools). Students will be able to take co-listed courses and register in the program where the student would like the credits to apply. Of course, co-listed courses are particularly suitable to double-counting for the JD degree when taken as a Medical School course.

The Law School expects the list of recommended courses to expand in the future. Opportunities for practicums and externships will be developed as part of this program. Students will receive their J.D. degree during the May graduation of their sixth year of the joint program because some of the credits to be transferred from the School of Medicine will be taken their 6th year when electives are built into the medical school curriculum. An elective course offering which will be required for this joint degree is the Medical Legal Clinic (offered as either a 2-credit or 4-credit course) sponsored by the Law School and offered through the School of Medicine. Students who have completed all but the last five credits may walk at Law School graduation with their law school cohort. (Please note that the 11 credits from the Medical School to be transferred to the JD program may not be from any Medical School courses taken prior to matriculation in the Law School.)