Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Medical School Education & Admissions

Guiding Principles in Curriculum Development

UM Medical Students receive a stethoscope from the Medical Alumni Assoc.

The curriculum has been developed and is continually being improved using the following three guiding principles:

Integrate teaching of the health sciences

The UMMSM curriculum integrates courses and learning at three levels: a) basic sciences; b) clinical sciences; and c) health systems sciences

Incorporate transformational educational methodologies

In the traditional medical curriculum, the first two years of medical school usually rely on large lecture-based classes, a learning methodology which does not meet many of the educational and evaluation needs of students and faculty. The UMMSM curriculum addresses these limitations by:

  • Distributing the basic sciences across all four years
  • Decreasing lecture time
  • Implementing small group and team-based learning opportunities using clinical cases with explicit learning objectives
  • Promoting contextual learning where basic science concepts are given clinical relevance
  • Evaluating students in important professional qualities, attitudes, and behaviors
  • Implementing competency-based learning and evaluation
  • Supporting the role of technology in the educational process
  • Facilitating formal, systematic faculty development opportunities and regular peer review of faculty teaching