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The M.D. Application Process

Miller School Students

Miller School of Medicine Students

Applicants are advised that it is in their best interest to initiate the application process outlined below as early as possible and well before the December 1 deadline. The applicant must assume all responsibility for determining whether the required information has been submitted and received on time.

Applicants must begin the application process by completing an AMCAS application on line and designating the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine as the institution to which the application is to be forwarded.

Transfer Applicants with Advanced Standing

Due to class size constraints and capacity in courses/clerkships, the Miller School does not accept transfer students from other medical schools.

AMCAS Application

AMCAS applications are available only on the web. For information about the AMCAS application process and to open an account to complete an AMCAS application, go to:

AMCAS Application – Home Page

Video AMCAS Application – 2018

This site also contains information about AMCAS deadlines, application fees, the fee assistance program, policies and procedures, frequently asked questions, and has links to sites that will help you find a pre-health advisor.


MCAT scores are necessary to complete your application. Applicants must take the MCAT exam no later than the fall proceeding the year in which they hope to enroll in the School of Medicine. Scores from tests taken earlier will be considered only if they are no more than three years old at the time of application. You must register to take the MCAT exam.

For information about the MCAT exam, registration dates and procedures, a list of test dates, practice tests, and the MCAT fee structure and assistance program, go to:

MCAT Home Page

MCAT 2015

Secondary Application

The AMCAS application is used to identify applicants about whom the Committee on Admissions would like more information. Most US citizens and permanent residents of the US will be invited to complete a Supplemental (Secondary) Application. Everyone should keep in mind the profile of the latest entering class when deciding whether or not to complete the secondary.

All applicants who complete the secondary application must also provide a recent photograph (passport sized, 2” x 3”) of themselves. You will receive instructions on how to submit the Secondary/Supplemental Application and a request for you to send a digital photograph to the Admissions Office e-mail address . Permanent residents of the United States must provide a copy of their alien registration receipt (green) card. A non-refundable application fee of $95 is charged to all applicants.

The deadline for submitting the Secondary Application will be 12 midnight, January 15th of each year.

CASPer ® Test

Applicants will be required to take the CASPer ® Test as part of the Secondary Application Process. School specific information will be provided along with the invitation to submit a Secondary Application. The link for CASPer

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation should be submitted through AMCAS. The Committee on Admissions requires either a letter of evaluation from the premedical advisory committee at your school (greatly preferred), or three letters of recommendation from faculty members who can provide an evaluation both of your academic ability and of your personal qualifications for a career in medicine. Both issues should be addressed in all individual letters of recommendation. Individual faculty members should also indicate in what capacity they have known you, for how long they have known you, and how well they know you. It is also helpful if they describe how you compare with other candidates for whom they have written letters.

In addition to the letters described above, applicants may submit a maximum of two more letters to support their application. These letters may not be substituted for the required letters. Letters that can add substantially to the overall picture of you as a candidate for medical school are most desirable. Letters from relatives and friends of the family, roommates or teaching assistants, or elected officials are strongly discouraged unless they can provide truly unique information about you that is not available from other sources.


Each completed application is scored independently by three members of the Admissions Committee. Factors scored at this point include science GPAs, MCAT scores, diversity of life experiences and accomplishments, the meaningfulness of patient contact experiences, CASPer ®Test Score, and the quality of letters of recommendation. Screening scores are added and used to place the applicant on a ranked list of applicants to be invited for an interview. Applicants with the highest scores are invited first. This process continues until all available interview slots have been filled.


An evaluation interview conducted on the medical campus by a member of the Admissions Committee is an integral part of our selection process. Interviews are conducted only at the request of the Office of Admissions and are generally held on selected Mondays and Fridays between the middle of September and the end of April. Because it is important for prospective students to see Miami and our facilities and to meet some of our students and faculty, regional interviews are not held.

The Committee gives careful consideration to many factors when evaluating candidates for admission. Some of these factors are:

  • Academic and emotional preparedness to study medicine
  • Breadth of life experiences
  • Demonstrated interest in and experiences in direct patient care
  • Interpersonal skill level
  • Source and degree of motivation
  • Maturity

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine uses an interval-based admissions process. This means that the Committee meets at regular intervals between October and May and at each meeting candidates may be accepted, placed on the alternate list, or rejected. Applicants are notified of the outcome initially by email, followed by an official hard-copy letter. Inasmuch as the Admissions Committee is the duly appointed body representing the collective expertise of the faculty of the Miller School of Medicine, all Committee decisions are final.