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Clinical Skills Training

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General Information

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine enrolls approximately 198 students each year. One-hundred and fifty will be in the MD program and 48 in the 4-year, combined degree, MD-MPH Program. It has been a long-standing policy of the School of Medicine to admit students with diverse backgrounds. Therefore, qualified non-traditional students, women, socio-economically disadvantaged students, and minorities underrepresented in medicine, are especially encouraged to apply.

U.S. Citizenship

All applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents of the United States with an alien registration receipt (green) card in their possession at the time they complete the AMCAS application. Applicants who apply as permanent residents will be required to submit a photocopy of their alien registration receipt card.

Florida Residents

Since the School of Medicine is no longer subsidized by the State of Florida, Florida residents are not given preference in admissions decisions. For tuition purposes, a Florida resident is one whose parents or guardians (or the applicant, if independent) have established legal residence in, and resided permanently in, the State of Florida for twelve consecutive months immediately prior to the first day of classes. Applicants can not claim Florida residency simply on the fact that they lived in Florida coincident with attending a college or university. To receive initial consideration as a Florida resident, applicants must declare Florida as their state of residence on their AMCAS application. Exceptions to this requirement will not be granted.

Residents of Other States

The Miller School of Medicine has made a significant commitment to enroll more students from outside the state of Florida. This departure from previous policy reflects the growing national prominence of the School of Medicine and the national and international reputation of our clinical facilities and specialty centers, and our outstanding research programs.

Financial Assistance Information

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine is a private medical school. It has been a priority of the medical school to keep the tuition and fees very reasonable. Please visit our Financial Assistance Website.

Additional Information

For additional information, write, call, or send an email message to:

Office of Admissions (R-159)
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
PO Box 016159
Miami, FL 33101
(305)-243-6548 (FAX)